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I will update this as soon as I can, but until then, visit our facebook page to see show galleries. Thank you!   01.14.12 Acclaim the Martyr, Flawless, Thirtyseven, Jawbone & Take It Back Last Show 12.30.11 1st Annual Cover Band Show  12.03.11 Take Offense, Betrayal, Backtrack, Hundredth, & Trapped Under Ice 11.07.11 Blast Off, Gideon, No Bragging Rights, Take It Back & A Plea For Purging 10.14.11 Bella Vue, Blast Off, Counterparts, Affiance, Like Moths To Flames & Close Your Eyes  09.15.11 War Of Ages08.02.11 Relentless, Beggers, Apart, Fingers Crossed, Jawbone, Venia & Advent Last Show Weekend07.05.11 LessThanThree, Preservation, Cool Cough, Dynasty, Call To Preserve06.27.11 HFTR Evansville 2nd Annual Pre-Cornerstone Fest: With Increase, Ironwill, Thin Ice, Friends, Dependency, Debtor, This Noise, Jawbone & Gideon


06.30.11 BLOOD AND INK RECORDS AND FRIENDS DAY: Cool Cough, Stregthen What Remains, Messengers, Thin Ice, Debtor, Venia (cover set), Dependency, Thirtyseven, Jawbone, Gideon, Call To Preserve, Venia 06.31.11 Dynasty, The Buriel, Empty Lies The Tomb, Call To Preserve 07.01.11 BLOOD AND INK RECORDS DAY With Increase, Friends, Ironwill, Dependency, Debtor, Thirtyseven (cover set), Thin Ice, Jawbone, Venia, SECRET BARN COVER SHOW 07.02.11 Clear Convictions, Close Your Eyes, FACEDOWN NIGHT Gideon, Hope For The Dying, Take It Back, Hands, In the Midst Of Lions, Call To Preserve, A Plea for Purging, War of Ages

  Ichthus 2011 6.17.2011 Flatfoot 56, Project 86, All Became New, Corpus Christi, Levi The Poet, In the Midst Of Lions, Becoming the Archetype, Impending Doom, For Today, Sleeping Giant, Living Sacrifice, Demon Hunter 06.18.2011 The Gunshow, War Of Ages, White Collar Sideshow, The Almost 06.14.11 Stereo Shout Out, BAMF, Crosstown Collision, The Soylent Coil 06.12.11 By Years End, Morella, Empty Lies The Tomb, Blast Off! & A Plea For Purging 05.30.11 While The Buried Sleep, Lubu, Torches, Worker, SOL, & Jawbone EP Release Show 05.27.11 Solitary, This Noise, The Willows, Cannonhands & Cool Hand Luke 01.2011 Jawbone & Venia Tour *select dates with In Regret, Advent, The Mongoloids and Reign Supreme and locals 12.22.10 The Apprentice, Sean Little, Jawbone, & Carry That Weight 12.18.10 Modern Hell, xTraitorx, Ill Patriot, Hollywood & Love Is Red Reunion  11.20.10 Travisfest: November To Remember 11.14.10 Take Hold Fest 11.08.10 Empty Lies The Tomb, With Sincerity, Facts of Life, Kills & Thrills, Take It Back 11.01.10 SOL, Here Be Monsters, Jawbone, Backtrack, & Cruel Hand
10.11.10 Venia, Renae, Jawbone, With Sincerity, & Here Be Monsters
10.03.10 Call To Preserve, Ten 33 (Reunion Show), & xLooking Forwardx
09.03.10 Worker, Alpha & Omega, Cruel Hand, Trapped Under Ice,  Bane
08.30.10 Set Sail, Stand United, Comrades, Dead Icons, Call To Preserve
08.12.10 Jawbone, Dependencey& More!

08.11.10 Corrupted Faithful, With Sincerity, A Secquence of Ghosts, Dependencey, Jawbone

07.29.10 No Rule, SOL, xLubux, Dryspell, Crippled Masters, Swampthing

07.12.10 In Regret, Jawbone, Brothers, Continuance, Venia, Advent
06.22.10 Atheria, Jawbone, Renae, Nothing To Nothing, Call to Preserve 06.17.10 Ichthus 06.13.10 An Abstract Becoming, SOL, Kills & Thrills, Win Some Lose Some, Jawbone, & Gravemaker 06.11.10 Through The Fire, Change Today, Kills & Thrills, Avadakedavra
06.04.10 On Fractred Wings, Remember The Weekend, xLubux, With Sincerity, Sacred Sorrow 06.02.10 Continuance & Ambush!05.30.10 Cannonhands, The Apprentice, The Ember Days05.24.10 SOL, Crippled Masters, Jawbone, Mother Of Mercy04.24.10 Travisfest!04.26.10 Crippled Masters, Mantra, Deatheater, BANE04.18.10 Jawbone, xThe Warx, The Mongoloids, Death Before Dishonor, Death Threat04.14.10 xLubux, A Textbook Tragedy, Continuance, Hundredth, The World We Knew 04.02.10 Win Some Lose Some, From Fame To Fiction, xLUBUx, & Sickened By The City 03.26.10 Give A Boy A Gun & Visceral Throne03.03.10 Aboard The Ship, SOL, Jawbone, & Venia02.12.10 The Willows, Jawbone12.06.09 Check Your Six, May I Remind You, Behold The Seraph, For Today11.17.09 Jawbone, The Sword Speaks, Hundredth, Venia, A Plea for Purging09.14.09 SOL, Jawbone, Kills & Thrills, Alcina & Hundredeth08.30.09 Mankind, Call to Preserve, & Advent 08.13.09 The Sword Speaks, Behold The Seraph, & Sleeping Giant07.16.09 Inebriator, Crippled Masters, Feral Sons, Moutheater, Advent & Call To Preserve06.27.09 Behold the Seraph, Fighting Through, As Hell Retreats, ATM, Alcina 06.2009 Icthus Festival - A Plea for Purging, Corpus Christi, White Collar Side Show, Sleeping Giant
06.06.09 AIC, Behold the Seraph, Fighting Through 05.02.09 Through Trials, AIC 04.18.09 All The Day Holiday CD Release Show03.13.09 A Plea for Purging CD Release03.06.09 Corpus Christi 02.07.2009 Mass, The Earth Will Shake, Ship To Shore 02.06.09 Advent, Giants02.02.09 Crippled Masters, The Dead Livers01.24.09 - The Apprentice, Josiah Jones12.28.08 - Fighting Through, Tiger! Tiger!, Faith Never Dies12.20.08 - Faith Never Dies, Fighting Through10.25.08 - Whoopfest '08; Inebriator, Mass, Iron Wolves, ATM, Feral Grandsons, Feral Sons, Off Balance 10.21.08 - The Earth Will Shake

10.04.08 - Fighting Through, ATM,

Alive Dead Alive, Undead, Call To Preserve 9.28.08 Faceplant, Black Tie Bombers, Suicide Pact 9.18.08 Dead City, Crown of Kings, Death Threat

08.17.08 - Cas One

8.15.08 - The Apprentice & Be My Doppelganger Mind Collapse, Bad Taste, Be My Doppelganger, Murphys Law! 6-6-08 Mind Collapse, Aids Plus, Reign Supreme, Soldiers, This is Hell 12-09-07 A Space Crusader 12-01-07 Meltdown, Rise & Fall, Death Before Dishonor, Have Heart 08-17-07 Bloody Sunday, Patriarch, Off Balance, Endless Battle 07-14-07 Call to Preserve, xLooking Forwardx, Seventh Star, War of Ages 6-30-07 Left For Dead, Aids Plus, This is Hell, Blacklisted 6-22-07 Cornerstone 2007 Endless Battle, FBS, Flatfoot 56, Dizmas 6-15-07 X-cess & Friends, As the Light Dims, All My Strength, Triceratops 06-03-07 Snow Sara, The Bell Tree, All the Day Holiday 06-01-07 Fighting Through, Endless Battle, Jump The Shark, Call to Preserve 5-19-07 Black Tie Bombers, Suffocate Faster, Wreckless, Since the Flood 03-09-07 The Apprentice, Funeral At Sea, Josiah Jones 01-05-07 All In, Thick As Blood, Suffocate Faster, 40SLS 12-27-06 Much The Same, The Footclan 12-09-06 138 (Misfit Tribute), Be My Doppelganger (RamonesTribute) 10-31-06 This is Critical, Endless Battle, Gorilla Warfare, The Redemption Song 10-27-06 Endless Battle, Ever Forgiven, A Promise Worth Dying For, Andrew Jenison 10-27-06 Full Blown Chaos, Remembering Never, The Warriors, War of Ages, Sulfate 10-21-06 Blacklisted, Reaction, Hollywood Handgrinade, Fervent Heat, Endless Battle 9-25-06 Thoughts So Murderous, Endless Battle, One Last Round, Sacred Sorrow 09-15-06 In Spite Of All, Aids Plus, Hold Your Ground, Die Young 09-13-06 Reaction, Hold Your Ground, Signs Of Hope, Another Breath 08-26-06 Blue Orphan Rescue, Love Letter Effect, The Redemption Song 08-05-06 Ink and Lead, Aids Plus, Hollywood Handgrenade, Every New Day, The Redemption Song 07-16-06 Reaction, Disregard, Phantom Pains, Ceremony, Lights Out 07-11-06 Hangtime, Make The Difference, Commander KC 07-09-06 Cornerstone Festival '06 07-04-06 through 07-10-06 The Red Baron, Ten 33, XLooking ForwardX 07-03-06 Aids Plus, The Pledge, The Tradition, Haunted Life, Reaction, Expired Youth 06-24-06 Hollywood, Outbreak, This is Hell, Modern Life is War 6-19-06 Drakefest - Hollywood Handgrenade, Reaction, Hold Your Ground 06-17-06 Brother Juniper, Since Remembered, Counting the Days, Ten 33 6-14-06 High and Dry, Guns Up!, Verse, Off Balance 05-28-06 Warhead, Torche, Tragedy 5-22-06 The Conniption Fitts, Head Change, Be My Doppelganger 05-16-06 The Kincaids 04-28-06 Fervent Heat, Be My Doppelganger, Ohio River Rats 04-22-06 Hollywood, The Tradition 04-20-06 The Tradition, Hollywood, AfterLife, Dead City 04-18-06 CAKECORE '06 - HeadChange, Fervent Heat, Hollywood Handgrenade, Hold Your Ground, Reaction, Blood Tribe 04-01-06 Disregard, Hollywood Handgrenade, The Tradition, Hank Jones 3-25-06 Disregard, Reaction, The Redemption Song 3-18-06 Rambunctious Youth, Escaping Memory 3-17-06 Bad Taste, Hold Your Ground, Reaction, Ringworm, Terror 03-10-06 Head Change, Crime in Stereo, The Code 03-08-06 Be My Doppelganger, The Cleansing Fire 02-24-06

Good Clean Fun, The Pledge, Hangtime, Reaction, In The Face of War 02-12-06 Ruiner, Final Fight, Hollywood Handgrinade, Gonz, NBA Jams 12-31-05 xReign of TerrorX, xBishopx, The Red Baron, Let It Die 12-30-05 Xtemity 12-05-05

CasOne A-dult DJFigure 11-11-05 Renee Heartfelt, The Tradition, A Fatal Romance 11-08-05

Walls OfJericho, Modern Life Is War, The Banner, Disregard, Reaction 11-06-05 Hold Your Ground 09-30-05

Time Bomb 09-24-05 Bad Taste, Reaction, Seventh Star, XLookingForwardx 09-23-05

Afterlife, Every New Day, Hollywood Handgrenade, Bloody Sunday, The Redemption Song 09-10-05 Die Hunns 09-09-05

Bad Taste, Reaction, The Tradition, Blood In Blood Out, Once For All 09-02-05

A Preset Day Nightmare, Son Of Day, Dead To Fall 08-24-05

Time Bomb, Disregard, Reaction, Cast Aside 08-12-05 Antikythera, Crimson Cloud 08-06-05

Disregard, After Life, Hollywood Handgrinade, Break The Silence, Hank Jones 07-23-05 Image hosted by Disregard, The Tradition, The Red Baron 06-25-05

Hold Your Ground, See It Through 04-01-05 Hold Your Ground, Disregard, Within Arms Reach, XLookingForwardX 03-24-05

Image hosted by

Life In Your Way, Alove For Enemies, Opposition Of One 03-13-05 Image hosted by CK, Spoken 02-19-05

Image hosted by

Time Bomb, See It Through, Clenched Fist 02-12-05 With Honor 08-04-04

Bloody Sunday, Seventh Star, Hold Your Ground 07-06-04

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