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Hi, I’m Heather! I’m a stationery & graphic designer and photographer here in Evansville! I have a degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Media Design from the University of Southern Indiana. I’ve been working professionally since 2005.

I love all things Evansville! My goal is to have as many locally produced products as possible. I think it is important to invest back into the small businesses and community around you! I've also come out with a line of Evansville city-pride items available exclusively at River City.

Aside from design & photography, some of the things that I really love are: Indiana, clean typefaces, quirky people, good food, video games, coffee, vintage wares, tattoos, music and of course my husband Clint. He works as an tattoo artist at his studio, Crescent City Tattoo. We love to see new places & travel outside of Evansville for special events (including music festivals)! Please contact us about any questions you may have!

Photo by Rachel Mathew Photography